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About Us

We are a creative online marketing and media agency from Amsterdam with a passion for innovative and creative solutions.

„We love to work with all kinds of people and brands, from starters with a visionary concept idea to performance-driven companies with the mission to grow. By challenging the status quo of marketing and implementing best practises we not only create effective results but act as a partner in realizing your goals. If you have an interesting idea that you want to chat about, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.“ – Rike, Founder of TMN

Why US?

As a small team of young professionals we work in personal and close cooperation with all of our clients. To us this means that we work with precision, adjust our workflow to individual needs and provide our clients with tailored solutions that achieve results. You won’t find off-the-shelf strategies or approaches when working with us, as we carefully identify opportunities and eliminate pain-points to improve your online presence and connect you with the right customers. 

Unique strategies

According to your vision and goals we create tailored solutions for you and your business.

High engagement

Together we identify problems, find solutions and work towards your goals in close cooperation.

Young Expertise

We have a fresh perspective on the online world and never stop learning about new methods.

Attention to detail

We work thoroughly in accomplishing any task, no matter how big or small - detail is key.

Our Services

SEO Optimization

What we can do for you

We optimize your website through best on-page & off-page SEO practices in form of technical and content optimizations.

Content Marketing

What we can do for you

We produce a well thought out and attractive content strategy for your target audience that can be used to improve the online visibility of your website.

Website Development

What We can do for you

We create unique, personal and easy-to-manage WordPress Websites to provide an excellent user experience to you and your customers.

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Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp, mail or phone to find out how we can work together.